Created to launch the Infiniti Q50 luxury sedan, Deja View combines a classic Hitchcock-style thriller with advanced voice-recognition technology to put the viewer at the very center of the story. All you need is a computer and a phone...

Deja View


Date: October 2013
Agency: Campfire



Deja View was imagined as a classic Hollywood-style narrative with a twist. To better demonstrate the Q50’s unique personalization features, we’d let the audience participate in an ever-changing story, affecting the characters’ actions and reactions through natural language interaction: real-time phone calls.

The process began with a seven day shoot in Portland, Oregon, using three RED Epic cameras and shot by Tree of Life second unit DP, Peter Simonite. Andrew Pastides and ABC Rookie Blue‘s Charlotte Sullivan star as a couple who wake up on the road with no memories and a puzzle to solve.

Deja View - BTS


Our shoot combined multiple scenes and locations and hundreds of different lines and performances. The edited scenes are connected to a VoIP telephone server and Nuance voice recognition technology.

Once the viewer’s phone is connected to the experience, the ensuing conversation with our actors edits the video timeline on the fly into one of thousands of possible combinations. Even the specially-composed music dynamically changes each time to match the action on screen.


Available only on the Infiniti web site, the unique nature of the Deja View experience paralleled that of the Q50 itself, a car that changes and adapts its highly-customizable ride to every person that sits behind the wheel.


Deja View has been hailed as a breakthrough twist on the interactive movie, amassing vast press coverage with over 80 articles including New York Times, Variety, Wired, Details, and a feature on Google’s Creative Sandbox — generating over 100 million PR impressions.

Nearly 20% of unique visitors who began Deja View completed the immersive experience, spending an average of 12 minutes on site.



What The Press Said

Television viewers have been talking to characters in commercials for decades... Now, the characters talk back."The New York Times

A visually stunning interactive film that delights in throwing you into the center of a mystery with characters as confused as you are.WIRED

Infiniti has taken advertising to the next level.Just Luxe

It’s an incredibly innovative way to present a web series, but what can you really expect from branded content company Campfire?The Video Ink

Infiniti has taken the art of online video a step further, adding a heap of interactivity and, if we're honest, some weirdness to the experience.Autoblog

Very entertaining and engaging, this DejaView experience from Infiniti may be a glimpse at what commercials of the future may be like.Car News Cafe

I was surprised to discover that what I thought was an interesting, polished, interactive, Choose Your Own Adventure-style brand project was actually so much more.PBS Mediashift


Deja View is no longer available to the public, but can be experienced on a private, password-protected area. Please contact me directly to request access.